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V5.1 general for healthy individuals

Listen to your body and adjust quantities & frequency accordingly. Diabetic, pregnant, or those with a medical condition, must consult a physician first. Suggested Use is guidelines only.

Roca Labs® red mixture maintains a smaller stomach capacity. Anti-Cravings® empowers you to easily overcome cravings for snacks and fatty foods. The Reinforcement red pill is… magic.

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Gastric Bypass NO Surgery® formula can limit stomach capacity as a Gastric Bypass Alternative®. Pour the formula from the bag to the canister (provided to Premium customers only).
Activator with WaterFill the Activator with 400 mL or 14 oz of room temperature water to the ¾ red mark.
Creating the mixture

Add a scoopful of the formula to the container. Close immediately and shake vigorously to activate the formula into the Gastric Bypass Effect red mixture. The mixture now has a mild, pleasant smell and taste.

Add flavor (optional)You may add sweetener or a flavor powder stick before adding the formula. You may also replace water with a juice like cranberry. It can easily be a tasty dose.
Refrigerate the Gastric Bypass Effect mixture

To fully activate and thicken, the red mixture should be refrigerated overnight. Consuming the mixture without refrigerating it for at least 4 hours is NOT EFFECTIVE. After initial refrigeration, the mixture can be without refrigeration for up to 24 hours, making it convenient to take the Activator to work. Make sure to ALWAYS have 1 or 2 Activators ready in the refrigerator.

As you wake up, consume a dose (entire Activator in Goal1 phase, see exceptions) while swallowing spoonfuls of the red mixture. You may simply eat it or, for faster and easier swallowing, drink water with each spoonful.  It will dramatically limit your stomach capacity. Within the next 30 minutes, drink 1 bottle (2 cups) of water. After, you can drink your morning tea or decaf coffee (with 1% milk). See Drinks and Dairy below in RULES.
Goal: The Gastric Bypass Effect is designed to help you be satisfied with two, small meals per day. The Anti-Cravings drink is designed to empower you to overcome any urge for sweets, junk food and any high calorie or fatty/fried foods.

Goal # Excess fat loss Morning Dose Activator Reinforcement Dose (@4pm) Anti-Cravings® Red Pill
1 25% Full dose
(7 days/wk)
⅓ dose 2pm + 6pm 1 your midday
2 50% ¾ of dose
(5-6 days/wk)
¼ dose 2pm + 6pm 1 your midday
3 75% ½ of dose
(4-5 days/wk)
As needed 2pm OR 6pm 1 your midday
4 100% ⅓ of dose
(3-4 days/wk)
None As needed 0-1 daily
Maintenance By now you know what works for you so alternate daily as needed between ⅓ morning dose, or midday Anti-Cravings or mid-day red pill

Lactating: consider more of the Anti-Cravings

Pregnancy: consider more of the Anti-Cravings and no red pill

Kids: NO red pill, start with half the above recommended dosage but increase reinforcement dose which should be taken immediately when you enter home from school

Bariatric surgery patients: start with half the described dosage but pay attention to taking the Anti-Cravings properly. You might consider taking 2 red pills a day. Consult your doctor.

Seniors: start with half of the recommended dosage in the beginning and increase as needed. Make sure to take the red pill at the end of the meal and not by itself and stop taking it if it causes any side effects (aside from temporary stomach nausea).

Reinforcement DoseFew spoonfuls of the red mixture may be needed 10 hours after main dose or an hour before your last meal to ensure you eat only small portions of food. It can further improve your mood and energy in the evening or when arriving home.

Reinforcement Pill

Reinforcement red pillA $120 bonus sent to certain customers. Consume one pill at the end of your first meal. Some take a second reinforcement pill with last meal of the day. The pill is very effective but not a must for the regimen to be effective. It is NOT supported by the Coaches.

If you got it, read the list of ingredients and check with your doctor before using.  Stop using immediately if you have any adverse effects. Pregnant women should not be using it.

The pill is strong. If you feel “heartburn” drink water and take Tums

You may take the one pill in the late afternoon or early evening instead of in the morning or as a second time if it does not make you feel bad


Spikes in sugar and insulin cause you to crave sugary and high carb snacks. Prepared twice a day, the Anti-Cravings® drink empowers you to overcome cravings and even lose an additional 5-8 lb per month.
Creating Gastric Bypass EffectFirst, drink some of the 16 oz water bottle to make room.

While bending the sides of the gray measuring scoop, pour a scoopful of the powder into a bottle of room temperature water. Close and shake well until completely dissolved. You may add the formula to a drink instead of water, or add any very low calorie flavor.

DrinkingDrink a dose at 2pm and another at 6 pm or your mid-day and another dose 4-5 hours later. As you drink it over 2 to 20 minutes, make sure to consume ALL of the powder including the residual on the bottom. You may prepare a drink and take it with you to work or on the road. Shake well before drinking and consume ALL of the residuale.


Anti-Craving® empowers you to overcome dependency or urge for high-calorie snacks and sweets. No more living in between spikes of insulin or sugars. Allow yourself a small treat only every 3-4 days.

Your sugar dependency is over when you consume Anti-Cravings® twice a day.

Cravings and Sugar Spikes - Anti-Cravings Graph


“Fat free” can be a worse choice as it only means that the calories will come from carbs. Ignore such statements and look at the amount of calories per serving and the amount of carbohydrates (carbs) and sugar.

Sugar has some 52 chemical names, don’t fall for it.

Best: drink water, unsweetened tea or low calorie diet flavored water (for example, Crystal Light with only 5 calories). Avoid: Orange juice, sodas or dairy drinks as they are high in calories and can add 3 lb a month to your weight. Dairy can also cause bloated stomach, gas or diarrhea. Possible: diet soda are ok calorie wise but, many user claims it causes bloated stomach or gas. You may try diet soda only about 6 hours after taking morning dose and stop if there are side effects.

Alcoholic drinks and beer: should be enjoyed in moderation as they are high in calories.

Caffeine drinks: such as coffee and Coke and will intensify craving and therefore are counterproductive to your weight loss goal. However, decaf coffee and tea are OK to drink. Cream should be substituted with 2% milk and be used to the minimum.


Coffee increases hunger➜ AVOID / limit caffeine which intensifies cravings, destructive to the regimen

Caffeine drinks such as coffee, Coke and some teas increasing craving and are counterproductive to your weight loss goal. However, decaf coffee and tea are ok to drink. Cream should be substituted with 2% milk and be used to the minimum.

To maintain the Gastric Bypass Effect®, you need to drink at least 6 bottles of 16oz or 10-12 glasses of water throughout the day. Not drinking plenty can cause dehydration, headache or other complications.
Your food consumption will occur ONLY during 9 hours of the day not including taking the first main red mixture dose.

First meal: 4 hours after consuming the Activator dose which is also about 4 hours from the time you have awaken. Write down the time of your first meal. You might need a few days to adjust to this rule and progress gradually from 1.5 hours to 4 hours over a 10 day period.

Snack meal: 4 hours after first meal, at  ___:____

Last meal: 3-4 hours before you fall asleep you will be done eating which is at  ___:___

With limited stomach capacity, you only need to serve yourself small food portions. Wait 1 minute between bites. Chew VERY SLOWLY while drinking water in between bites. Eat very slowly while chewing longer, you will be amazed how little you eat and yet feel satisfied. Overeating will stretch your stomach.
Avoid greasy hamburger➜ AVOID all fried or greasy foods (hamburgers, french fries or KFC type foods) are made with oil and fat which badly interact with the regimen and can cause gases or diarrhea.
Exercise is important to get to a healthy body mass indexWhen exercising, your body releases endorphins that energize your mood, relieve stress, boost your self-esteem, and trigger an overall sense of well-being. Serious about losing weight? Your body needs to be “shocked” into new existence of survival where you must be “fit and light”. Walk fast or exercise 30 to 90 min a day to signal your brain that your body needs to transform to a leaner you. Your mind’s commitment to the regimen will double your weight loss rate.

Immobile people should exercise much more. Limited mobility doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. Find ways to exercise within your limitation: Read1 and Read2

AMAZING: During the regimen, you can lose 0.5 lb during the 8th hour of your sleep. It is real. Check it by weighing yourself at night and then in the morning.
Avoid CheeseAvoid Side EffectsCheeses, milk, yogurt or carbonated drinks usually cause bloated stomach, gases or even diarrhea. Cheeses and milk are also very fattening and are counterproductive to your healthy weight goal. Low fat milk is still milk and high in calories.

Be ready to change and enjoy the the healthier alternatives such as almond milk which is rich in nutrients including fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, selenium, manganese, zinc, potassium, iron, phosphorus, tryptophan, copper, and calcium.

You can read more about milk alternatives.

Alternative calcium sources: white beans, almonds, oranges (not OJ), sesame seeds, instant oatmeal, soymilk, tofu and calcium tablets for $5 from Amazon or better ones for $10 (price might change).

During Goal4 phase, you can moderately consume more dairy.


3 hours before you fall asleep, will be your last food or calorie consumption, of any kind. Drinking water is fine.